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Spiltan as a partner

Fredrik Wester, VD #Paradox Interactive


We are the preferred choice for entrepreneurial companies in need of a new active partner.


We are the investment company that develops companies for long term success in active partnership with entrepreneurs.

• Active entrepreneur with significant influence and ownership in the business.
• Companies in the expansion phase.
• Significant growth potential, preferably both in market and company growth.
• High profit potential and a proven business model.
• Company value of 40-200 million SEK and ownership of 20-40 % on initial investment.

VALUES - ”In a Spiltan way”
• We are long term investors and buy to keep.
• We offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to substantial influence and ownership in their own companies.
• We know how to achieve rapid growth and development.
• We have a large and valuable network of entrepreneurs.
• We want to contribute to making Sweden a better country to run a business in.

Paradox Interactive - developer and publisher of computer games, - cool gadgets online, Kuststaden - real estate, Qvalia - find hidden values in large corporate transaction flows, Emerse - programmatic buying of video advertisment, Cinnober - worldwide provider of share trading systems, Berkshire Hathaway - US conglomerate
founded by Warren Buffett.

our investment analyst Mikael Vaezi if you have suggestions for companies that need a new minority owner that can help improve the company’s development and growth. Tel: 08-545 813 40 or e-mail:

Investment AB Spiltan is an investment company with a total portfolio of about two billion swedish crowns, mainly invested in profitable private companies run by talented entrepreneurs . Through long term , personal commitment and entrepreneurship Spiltan create conditions for strong growth and returns. Spiltan has approximately 2,000 shareholders and is traded on the Alternative List ( ) of Pepins Group AB (

Spiltan as a partner (pdf-file)