Investment AB Spiltan, Sweden - The best Berkshire Hathaway look alike in the world?

At the 16th Annual Value Investor Conference in Omaha, Nebraska before the annual meeting in Berkshire Hathaway, Per H Borjesson, CEO of Investment AB Spiltan, will hold a presentation of the the company's 30-year history, developing from a shareholder club with 40 000 SEK to a professional investment company with 5 billion SEK in net asset value.

“Because we started as a shareholder club we see our shareholders as long term partners, have a CEO with low salary and have a very nice and well attended AGM as the main event of the year. Exactly like Warren Buffett´s Berkshire Hathaway even before we knew about Buffett” says Per H. Borjesson.

Investment AB Spiltan has successfully increased the shareholder value by taking minority positions in unlisted companies and has a buy and hold strategy with no exit strategy just like Berkshire Hathaway. Spiltan has also started the mutual fund company Spiltan Fonder and the equity crowdfunding company Pepins. “Historically we have made a lot of mistakes and also sold fantastic companies to early. The hardest thing is to have the character to follow Buffetts simple rules”, adds Per H Borjesson. (A funny coincidence is that Per H Borjesson has an MBA from Columbia University in NYC just like Warren Buffett.)