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Spiltan as a partner

Spiltan believe in #long #term investments

Spiltan as a partner? 

Investment AB Spiltan is a Swedish investment company with a total portfolio of SEK 3.5 billion. Inspired by legendary investor Warren Buffett we invest in Swedish private companies run by talented entrepreneurs. We believe that our long term, personal commitment with no exit strategy provides an excellent foundation for future growth. Spiltan has more than 2,600 shareholders and is traded on “Alternativa Listan” of Pepins Group AB.

Partnership for growth 

Are you looking for a partner to help you grow your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us at

Our vision

We are the preferred choice for entrepreneurial companies in need of a new active partner.

Our mission

We are the investment company that develops companies for long term success in active partnership with entrepreneurs.

Investment Criteria

  • Active entrepreneur with considerable influence and ownership in the business.
  • Companies in the expansion phase.
  • Significant growth potential, preferably both in market and company growth.
  • High profit potential and a proven business model.
  • Company value of 20-400 million SEK and ownership of 20-40 % on initial investment.

Our values

  • We are long term investors - we buy to hold with no exit strategy.
  • We offer entrepreneurs continued substantial influence and ownership in their own company.
  • We provide rapid growth and development.
  • We have a valuable and growing network of entrepreneurs.
  • We aim to improve the ease of doing business on Sweden / We aim to make Sweden a better country to do business in / We aim to improve Sweden’s business climate.

Our portfolio - some examples

  • Paradox Interactive - developer and publisher of computer games 
  • CoolStuff - funny, innovative & cool gadgets online 
  • Qvalia – introducing transaction automation for your business 
  • Emerse - ingenous programmatic advertising 
  • Cinnober - worldwide provider of share trading systems
  • Boulebar – spreading boule pétanque, bar, food and togetherness. 
  • Berkshire Hathaway - American multinational conglomerate holding company founded by legendary investor Warren Buffett