Spiltan Invest is an investment firm that, without any explicit exit strategy, acquires minority stakes in listed and unlisted small- and medium sized companies. We own a portfolio consisting of companies in tech, finance, real estate, and industry. Our ambition is to create economic value through long-term ownership, without an exit strategy. Our investment philosophy is based on American investor Warren Buffett’s work.


We invest broadly within tech, finance, real estate, and industry. Before making an investment, we collectively evaluate, among other things, the following criteria:


Does the company have a knowledgeable, driven, and passionate team? Ideally, it should have competencies and experiences that complement one another.


Spiltan’s focus is listed and unlisted Swedish companies. Many of our portfolio companies also have a global and growing market for their services and products.


Is the business model scalable and proven? There must be a willingness to pay for the company’s product and services. The market should also be growing and carry significant potential.


Spiltan’s initial investment ranges from 20 to 100 million SEK, and is followed by additional investments if needed. As an active and committed owner, Spiltan wants to own a significant minority stake in the company long-term.


Is the business model and the business sustainable? Business models that are not considered sustainable are becoming increasingly challenged by competition. Spiltan’s standpoint is that there is a strong correlation between long-term growth and sustainable business models.


At Spiltan, we understand that all companies face different circumstances, and therefore adapt our actions accordingly – regardless of whether it is on a strategic, operational, or structural level. We are actively working to create growth as well as efficiency gains in our portfolio firms.

We have extensive experience of growth. Since the launch in 1986, our stock has increased more than hundredfold – from 2.50 SEK to over 250 SEK per share. That is something we are proud of. On average, the value of our share has gone up 19 percent annually. Going forward, we aim to deliver an annual rate of return of 15 percent. 

Our listed companies include, among others, the gaming studio Paradox Interactive, the real estate business KlaraBo and investment firm Teqnion. The unlisted companies include the shoe brand Flattered, Collaboration Art – a house of brands for performance marketing agencies, the real estate business P&E Fastigheter, the raw material refiner Carbomax, and our subsidiary Spiltan Fonder – one of the largest independent fund management firms in Sweden.

Spiltan is listed on NGM Main Regulated and traded under stock symbol SPLTN. In March 2024, Spiltan’s asset value was 8.8 billion SEK.